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At Southwest we wish to support each other in learning to pray more honestly and wholeheartedly. In prayer, head, heart, hands and feet go together.  Whether praising, thanking, asking, listening or lamenting, our desire is to seek God with our heart, mind and soul.  Prayer is central to our life together.


At Southwest we enjoy worshipping God together on Sunday mornings and encouraging each other to continue to worship Him in our daily lives. Worship is the practice of showing honor, reverence, adoration and love to God.  We have many opportunities to worship individually or corporately at Southwest.

Spiritual Formation

At Southwest, we believe that growth in the spiritual life is possible but that it does take practice.  Spiritual Formation is the process through which we become more Christ-like – we believe from the inside out.  We are called to become pilgrims or apprentices to learn more about this new way of living. We provide opportunities for people to connect their daily lives with ancient practices in purposeful ways to “live and love like Jesus.”