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Our Rental Policies

SWC Rental Policies read, in part:

Priority of Church Needs
Nothing in these policies shall restrict the Church’s exclusive use of or access to its own lands, property and/or equipment nor contravene SWCBC’s statement of faith and practices or its charitable purposes and objectives.

Priority of Charitable Activities
Nothing in these policies shall take away from SWCBC maintaining its charitable status which gives priority to the following charitable activities:

  • The advancement of education
  • The advancement of religion
  • The relief of poverty
  • Other purposes of general benefit to the community which are of a charitable nature

Priority for Rentals

When available, and in keeping with the Church’s statement of faith and practices, and policies and procedures, Church lands, property and/or equipment may be rented to individuals or groups according to the following priority:

  • The needs and ministries of Southwest Community Baptist Church
  • Individuals or groups with a proven record of regularly scheduled, responsible and cooperative rental use with SWCBC.
  • Individuals or groups who share common goals and purposes in the community
  • Use by members and adherents for personal events or activities (weddings, anniversaries, funerals, etc.)
  • Other purposes of general benefit to the community which are of a charitable nature
  • Any commercial ventures that offer a service which is compatible with the goals and purposes of SWCBC providing the rental rate is comparable to commercial rates for similar facilities.

Conditions of Any Rental Agreement
All rental agreements shall include, but not be limited to, the following provisions:

  • All renters shall sign the Standard Rental Agreement which contains a clause that all participants in their activities shall respect the Statement of Faith, life style practices, morality standards and the policies of SWCBC while using the Church’s facilities and property
  • All rentals shall be on a non-exclusive basis
  • Renters must carry their own liability insurance and the policy must include SWCBC as being indemnified
  • The rental agreement shall include a security deposit according to the Standard Rental Contract currently approved
  • Specific rental space, access, equipment, and security arrangements shall be identified in the agreement
  • All rentals are based on the provision of “as is” terms and the renters shall leave the premises and equipment in that state or better
  • Rental agreements shall be for a maximum of one year
  • The rental agreement shall not be the basis for any other relationship with the renter. SWCBC remains the sole owner of the property and equipment and the renter cannot make changes to the property or use the rental agreement for any other personal or business purpose
  • All renters shall report any incidents including accidents, damage, vandalism, breach of security, etc. in a timely fashion and in writing as outlined in the Standard Rental Contract currently approved

Specific Restrictions on Use
All renters shall be informed that the lands, property and equipment have been acquired for use as a Church and that remains their primary function. Therefore, any rental is considered secondary to the needs and purposes of the Church and certain activities are prohibited.  SWCBC shall be the sole arbiter, without recourse, of such decisions.

  • Specifically, but not limited to, the following are prohibited on the land and property:
  • smoking, gambling, and the consumption of alcohol,
  • using or being in possession of illegal drugs or other substances,
  • using the property for any illegal purposes
  • using the property or participating in any activity which may, in any way, increase the insurance risk of SWCBC
  • using the property in any way that would inconvenience the neighbours, including the adjacent strata
  • participation in any activity that would be contrary to the religious practices or statement of faith of SWCBC or those of the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada

Spaces Not Available for Rent or Renter Use
The following areas shall not be available for rent or use by renters.

  • General Office Area, Board Room and Staff Offices
  • Nursery
  • Pre-School Area (including adjacent washrooms and Office/Storage)

Canadian Baptists of Western Canada – Facility Rental Policy (January 1, 2010).